Led bill boards

Product Description

Product Description

Commercial, low maintenance Bill Board Lights is an answer for cost effective and Visually stunning outdoor billboard lighting solutions. Simple installation and an excellent warranty make Choosing our Bellatrix Bill Board Lighting Solution an easy decision.


  • 1/3rd power consumption
  • 11 years of life
  • Low maintenance / zero replacement cost
  • Help in reducing the carbon foot prints
  • Lesser heat to the environment
  • Choice of colours to choose from
  • Means beginning of new dimensions in out door night advertising
  • Repayment period of just 500 days


  • Operating Voltage : 220 Volt A.C. +/-15%
Existing Light Fixture Metal Halide/Mercury Bill Board LED Lights Advantages
Light Color Ultra White / Yellow Any color White, Day light, Yellow, Red, Green Imaginations can come True
Power Consumption 180W 34/50 WATT 130W/Hr. Saving
Saving / Day 1560 Watt Hr.
Saving / Year 569400 Watt Hr.
No. of units/year saving 569 Units
Cost of Electricity Saved @Rs. 14.00 rate of commercial lighting Rs. 7966.00
Life of Lamp 15000 Hrs. 50000 to 70000 Hrs. At least 3 times Higher
Approx. Lamp life 3.4 Years 11 Years (@12Hrs./day) No Replacement Cost
Cost of Light 4000.00 15000.00 11000.00
Repayment Period 1.4 Year