Shinobiz is now manufacturing and delivering best quality LED screen Display Systems in form of LED Video Vans, Mobile Shape Led screens, Stadium Score Display, Boundary wall display, event and marrieges Led screens, and other Display like Outlet/ Store/ USP/ Best discount advertising Display Systems

Best for All type of video advertisements, Mobile applications  and flash Ads displayBest for Multiband Stores, Multiproduct Display and Best Discount offer Display Systems

  • Retail Store promotional Display Screens
  • Stand mount, Hang able, portable Led Display screen in all Customized Size
  • Best for Flash Ads, new  products and services advertisements with best offers
  • Small video massages  delivery in an effective way as it is an eye-catching media.
  • All meaning full massage delivered very carefully and successfully.
  • The display create curiosity about the particular product and service which increase footfall in store.
  • Couple of information in a single Display, Multibrand and multiproduct Store can highlight their available store brands, product and services (networks across India for after sale service)
  • Best for Seasonal sales, peak season like Wedding season, Xmas, New year, Dhanteras, Dipawli, Eid, Ganesh Pujan, Durga Puja and other Festival time.
  • The Following Display System are Best for All outlets/ Shops/ Retail/ Mobile Stores.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Display is best for narrow or wide display area (light weight, customized and portable Stand Screens )
  • Best Media for Mobile Applications Demo and helps to get mobile applications installed in Consumer Cell phones.